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Suggestions as per format of your collection


Collect the eight governors in the SA series.

Collect different denominations (face values) of the governor.
Collect changes in denomination designs (different series) during that governor's period.

Other collecting ways and additions to the basic series


Collect same denominations with changes as they occur in the series.

Collect by prefix numbers or dates.
Collect trials, specimens, replacements.

There are many more ways to collect e.g. thematically as designs on banknotes are extremely beautiful.  The above serves only as a guide.  Other works have also been issued which have more comprehensive listings on specimens, colour trials etc. which is also an extremely interesting field.


The listings presented serve as an introduction to banknotes.


S.A. Banknotes are the visible part of South African Banknote collecting 


Numismatically, the changes in governors, different series, varieties as well as additional security features and changes introduced to our banknotes make an interesting and extensive field of research and collecting for collectors.  However, there is also deeper research for collectors insofar as colour trials printed, quantities of specimen notes issued, the reason for a high value 100 note issue in 1921 and many more.

S.A. Banking History is the invisible part of South African Banknote collecting
Each Governorship and series of banknotes in those periods also represents South African monetary history in that Governors and the South African Reserve Bank have had to adapt to changing circumstances due to both forseen as well as impossible to forsee events during the periods of their Governorship.  There is a wealth of background history to each period which our banknote series visually represents.
Collectors are encouraged to do research, buy books, borrow books, share knowledge and
Most of all - Enjoy yourself!
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