2018 Gold Krugerrand

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 2018 1 oz Krugerrand Bullion ob
2018 1 oz Krugerrand Bullion rev

Metal: Au 0.91667   Weight: 33.931 grams    Diameter: 32.77mm

Over the years, some coins have varied from the foregoing specifications with slight variations in diameter and thickness. 1974 Proof coins & 1996 bullion dated coins will not fit into the Fisch Scale. From 1982 the reverse was slightly changed, the description of 1 oz fine gold etc is in a slightly different position, and the ground under the Springbok has been changed quite drastically. The new reverse was also used on the GRC 1 oz.

Always be aware
when purchasing Krugerrands that they are not forgeries. Beware, as forgeries have made an appearance, emanating from Hong Kong. The weight, the diameter, and the thickness are the same in the forgeries as they are in the true Krugerrand, but instead, they are made of heavily gold plated tungsten in the fake version of the Krugerrands. The American company, Fisch Scale, have made a small scale that checks the sound pitch of the Krugerrand to ensure that it makes a,"Ping" ringing sound, as opposed to the fake Krugerrand sound, which would be a dull "Thud" noise without any resonance.

Year 2018
Grade None
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